First Term

Travelling and immigration

  • Travel and tourism
  • Famous travelers
  • Personal travelling anecdotes
  • The impact of travel and tourism
  • The development of means of transport and their impact on travel and migration
  • Pack for an imaginary journey a way of transport, a destination and things to take with you.
  • Describe different types of luggage and learn how to fill in a lost luggage claim form.
  • Asking questions about booking procedures, timetables, duration of trip, accommodation, weather forecast , currency rates and traveling requirements
  • Plan different kind of trips.
  • Produce a travel plan
  • Use the Internet to make good travel choices: flights, offers, accommodation reviews, travel tips, blogs.
  • Travel in literature: poems
  • Analyze poems features: repetitions, alliteration and imagery, metaphor and similes.
  • Dictionaries, thesaurus and rhyming dictionaries as language learning tools.
  • Migration issues: migration flows, migration causes and consequences
  • News coverage of migration issues and personal stories
  • Migration in literature, songs and films
  • Presenting information orally


Grammar: Revision of past and present tenses simple and continuous, revision of question forms, present perfect in narratives, conditional tenses, first and second conditional sentences, linking words for cause and consequence, expressing plans (going to) ; making decisions; expressing likes ( I prefer, I like best) , considering options and making decisions (I would choose, I would take)

Vocabulary: travel and migration, headlines, media

Phonetics: silent letters, intonation, pronunciation of –ed, homophones