1.en.05 Planning a trip

Planning a Trip


Now you are all ready to start planning your group trip. Split up into small groups of 3 or 4 people and work out a plan for your trip.

The group will have to create a presentation in Google drive containing a maximum of 7 slides, each of them containing visual support for every aspect of your trip: transport, accomodation, food, equipment, activities, budget, …

The features of your trip are:

1. Name of the trip: Choose a catchy slogan for your trip. What makes your trip interesting and unique?

2. Team: Introduce the members of your travel adventure. What makes them special? What are their strong points? What will they be responsible for?

3. Destinations: Why? What makes that destination attractive? (We have chosen to…)

You must visit three different destinations in at least two different continents
4. Length of the trip: It shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks. Be realistic and think of concrete dates. (We’ll leave on the…; we’ll be back on the … )

5. Means of transport: Your trip should include at least 3 different means of transport.
Why have you chosen them? (We’ll travel by …/We’ll be travelling by …)

6. Equipment:will you need any special equipment, clothes … ?

7. Accommodation /food: You must plan in advance. What kind of accomodation you will be staying in; hotel, campsite, bungalow, … Are there any typical dishes you would like to try?

8. Activities: You must decide on at least one activity to do in each destination. You can include visits (museums, landmarks, monuments, …); excursions (to places of interest, hikes, …), sport or recreational activities (scuba diving, sailing, parachuting, …)

9. Cost: How much money will the trip cost?. You must split your cost into:

  • Travelling expenses (price or airtickets, buses, trains, …)
  • Accomodation: (cost per person, total)
  • Cost of activities
  • Others (food, …).

10. Sources: What are the sources you used to plan your trip? Indicate the webpages where you found the information

(eg. NYC The official Guide: https://www.nycgo.com/)


Click on the link below to get a copy of the guidelines for your presentation

Planning a trip. Guidelines

11. Postcard: Don’t forget to include a final slide with a postcard for your classmates!!!!!!!

You can learn about writing postcards in the next post click HERE

There’s several websites that will help you:

Travel checklist

Tips to make the oral presentation attractive:

• Power point slides are meant to provide visual support. You can include a short video, a map, photos, charts
• Only important data should be included in the slides.
• You must not read.
• Be enthusiastic. Trap your audience attention.
• Only include images and information you can explain and identify.
• Speakers must use the power point images, charts, videos to support what they are saying.

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